Decorate your home according to the basic principles of Feng Shui

Decorate your home according to the basic principles of Feng Shui

Decorating your home in the tradition of Feng Shui could make your mood improve and positive energy spread throughout your home. This oriental philosophy has been applied to different aspects of our life, but in interior decoration it has been very successful because it attracts harmony and can be applied very easily.


According to Feng Shui constructions have energetic characteristics that affect our particular energies, affecting aspects such as work, money, personal relationships and health. The distribution of furniture, the colors used or the location of the building among many other elements are fundamental in feng shui. Let’s take a tour of the basic recommendations.


Entry. It must be well lit because the energy enters through it and expands to the rest of the rooms.


Kitchen. This space is associated with sustenance, food and the livelihood of a family. It is recommended to use earthy colors not very dark: sand, toast, cakes, lemon, blue and light green, with lights and plants. It must be a warm place to encourage people to enter and cook, so it must be a space for creativity and enjoyment.


Bedroom. It is the area that should be more protected, it should not have more than one door, nor should it face a staircase. It is recommended to avoid too many elements that disturb the dreams, like direct lights, quantity of electrical appliances, aggressive pictures, etc.


It is recommended that the bed be placed in the center of the room and that it is not in a straight line with the entrance door or the bathroom. At the foot of the bed you can place a trunk or a carpet as protectors. The back of the bed symbolizes the support and security of life, behind the bed there should be no windows or mirrors, as they can weaken the feeling of support.


To reduce the electromagnetic field to an indispensable minimum, it is recommended to reduce the number of electronic devices such as cordless and cellular telephones to an indispensable minimum.


Living room. This is the heart of the house as it is the meeting place of the whole family and helps to facilitate communication. That is why it is recommended that seats or furniture be at 90 degree angles.


The center must be occupied by a coffee table to avoid feeling the vacuum. Books and music devices encourage conversations and the creation of links. Having different types of seats such as rocking chairs, puff, armchairs, allow each of the people to find their favorite according to their mood.


Stairs. They connect the levels of the house and are energy conduits so it is important that they are not so narrow and preferably not spiral.


Bath. The bathrooms tend to lower energy. For this reason, they are a good place to decorate with cheerful colors. The order and cleanliness, the non-saturation of furniture and the serenity of the colors are obligatory in a feng shui house.


When you can not distribute your house from scratch, everything can be enhanced or neutralized with colors, materials and shapes.