How to turn your terrace into a ‘Chill Out’ space

How to turn your terrace into a ‘Chill Out’ space

Do you want the terrace of your apartment to be the envy of your neighbors? Nothing easier.


With a little imagination and a few small economic tricks you can customize your terrace and create a chill out corner to relax.1-The most important thing is space. If the area you want to turn into your little personal paradise is small, you will have to prioritize: either an outdoor dining area that extends the lounge or a rest area.


2-Although it surprises you, the type of pavement is basic to create a chill out atmosphere. The usual thing is to put slate, stoneware or paved floor, but if your budget is limited, disguise the boring tiles with colorful cotton rugs.


3-The vegetation refreshes and relaxes. If you have a wall, take advantage of climbing plants. A few sherds with aromatic plants such as lavender, mint or rosemary will perfume the environment naturally and also your dishes.


4-Do not forget to hang some curtains in the corners. The curtains will protect us from the sun during the hottest hours and will create a more intimate space. Choose light, light fabrics such as linen or cotton.




5-Mix furniture styles to give a casual touch to your terrace. You can take advantage of old furniture and give them a new use. It combines wood, iron and wicker without fear.


6-The cushions are an essential part because they invite to rest. Mix neutral colors with colorful prints. A little joy does not come at all bad.


7-Light up with lanterns and scented candles. Place them in strategic places to get more out of the game of light and shadows. Also, some candles will always make a dinner more romantic.




And what happens if your house in Sitges has a large unused terrace?


Well, treat yourself to a chill out bed. They are ideal to put under a tree, for example. If the budget does not reach you, fabricate one with a few recycled pallets and a simple mat.


And do not forget the pergola! It is much more beautiful and original than a beach umbrella and it is not so hard to do. With a little patience you can build it with simple rods.

Now you only need a glass of wine and a good book to enjoy your terrace chill out.