Autumn in Premium Homes by MASIFILL

Autumn in Premium Homes by MASIFILL

It is already autumn at Premium Homes by MASIFILL, and we would like to take the
opportunity to mention some curiosities about this season:

– It is said that people born in this season are more likely to be over 100 years old, data
statistically proven from studies.

– More hair falls out.

– Weight gain. This is because there are fewer hours of daylight and therefore less vitamin D is
synthesised, which is responsible for the elimination of fat.

– This season was formerly known as the "harvest season" until the 16th century, as during
these months the full moon can be observed like at no other time, with much lighter, because
farmers took more advantage of the hours to harvest their crops.

– Students born in autumn also tend to have better grades.

– The planets Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are best seen at night and Mercury during the day.


Whether these beliefs are true or not, it is an ideal time to enjoy nature, which brings us very
special colours and wonderful landscapes