Renovation and extension of a detached house in Castelldefels

Renovation and extension of a detached house in Castelldefels

Albert Hueto

Project & Construction Management


The objectives set out in the project have been to adapt the functional program of the house to the needs and circumstances of the family that has acquired the property for its habitual use as a first home, an update of its architectural style, the incorporation of solutions innovative techniques in the construction systems of the enclosure, in the interior finishes and in the installations that have allowed a remarkable improvement of the energetic efficiency and the habitability of the building, making it more sustainable and respectful with the environment. Ecological materials, recycled or natural products with low energy consumption have been used in their preparation and with high technical performance, following sustainability principles to achieve a more ecological construction that cushions its environmental impact.

The interior distribution of the spaces has been rationalized, improving their use, communication and accessibility, providing natural lighting in all of them and improving the quality of the indoor air throughout the house. The automation of the installations is facilitated by the use of home automation management and remote operation by the user, as well as the use of the solar protectors of the enclosable practicable enclosures in order to optimize the energy demand of the building.

In economic terms, as regards the profitability of the investment made, the energy consumption savings of the building achieved with the intervention will allow its amortization in the medium term, it is also necessary to consider the increase in the market value of the property when adapting to the requirements of the demand in the area, which allows an immediate return of the investment with a high liquidity.