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Exclusive service by MASIFILL

Our comprehensive Premium Homes exclusive service provides you with all the services you may need when it comes to selling your home. We take care of the entire process in an efficient and transparent manner, from start to finish.

Our service includes:
> Professional valuation within 48 hours
> Real portfolio of buyers (investors, property managers, family offices)
> Professional photographic and video report
> Premium advertising in national and international real estate portals
> Supervision and accompaniment of a lawyer throughout the entire sales process
> Drafting of documents and contracts
> Search for financing for buyer
> Individualised product analysis and marketing strategy
> Management of municipal capital gains tax
> Tax planning of sale
> Processing of habitability and energy performance certificates
> Ongoing report of sales operation
8 reasons to place your trust in us:

1. Exclusivity and support in defending your interests
2. Investing resources and personalised dedication to your home
3. Preferential publication of your property in the best national and international real estate portals
4. Correct valuation of your home to start the ball rolling
5. Our exclusive work guarantees you potential buyers and real visits
6. Transparency and security throughout our entire sales process
7. Identifying and enhancing your home’s best qualities
8. Presenting your home to our portfolio of property manager investors