Autumn plants to decorate your home

Autumn plants to decorate your home

Now that autumn is here, here is a small compilation of plants and flowers that can help you to
give a natural and personal touch to your home.

1. African violet.

Thanks to its powerful colour, it is ideal for decorating the interior of your
home during the autumn months. It is a plant that needs a bright environment. To water it,
simply place a saucer of water in it for a few hours and then remove it.

2. Azalea.

This is a plant that needs almost daily watering, as it must be kept moist. Keep it
away from hot places and put it in places with high humidity. When it flowers it can be taken
outside to a semi-shaded place.

3. Croton.

Indoor plant characterised by its brightly coloured leaves, ranging from yellow-
orange to red. Placed in a bright spot, near a window, but always avoiding direct sunlight. It
needs plenty of humidity, regular watering, keeping the soil moist. Avoid sudden changes in
temperature, and it is good to mist its leaves regularly.

4. Cyclamen.

It is a perennial plant that manages to flower in the colder months, very showy. It
is necessary to water it often, as it needs a lot of water. It is advisable to place a dish of water
at its base so that it can absorb water little by little. Indoors it needs direct sunlight.


And now, which of these plants do you prefer?