The problems of overpriced homes

The problems of overpriced homes

At the time of placing a home for sale, many homeowners think that it is always time to lower the price. But at a time like the current one, it is necessary to adjust the appropriate value from the beginning. If these considerations are not taken into account, it is worth the trouble to know some of the problems that may arise:

Do not wake up interest

Buyers are well informed about the current state of the real estate market. If the house for sale is too expensive, we are probably discarding potential buyers, who would otherwise be interested in the property and could offer offers to negotiate.

Opportunities lost

This means losing opportunities to find potential buyers, who will rule out having a higher price than they want.


The more time a property in the market passes, the less confidence generated among the buyers, since they are presumed to be possible defects or deficiencies.

Negotiations more difficult

When the property has long been on sale, buyers who are interested in housing try to negotiate more closely, in the case of housing offer similar to more adjusted prices.

Not be competitive

A price too high can leave in the second place before the competition and make houses with similar characteristics seem bargains.

Therefore, we advise from the beginning to adjust the price in the housing line similar to yours.