How can I purchase a home by saving time and money?

How can I purchase a home by saving time and money?

The figure of a real estate personal shopper has seen a major boom in recent years, although our European neighbours and English-speaking market are years ahead of us in this regard. In fact, the demand for this service is expected to increase by between 20 and 30% in the coming years.


This is because the figure of the buyer is not represented by anyone. His or her needs as a buyer tend to be overlooked during this current period of fierce real estate competition, in which the client par excellence is actually the property owner.


Finding a home to live in is no easy task. It is a process that can take up to many months and in many cases can even become discouraging.


A personal shopper is a real estate specialist advising and accompanying buyers in finding, choosing, negotiating and purchasing their dream home, exclusively positioning and defending their interests.


The personal shopper service is designed to provide you with a time saving of 70%. In addition to having full freedom when it comes to searching, the scope of locating your desired property is unlimited, selecting and presenting to clients only those properties that are truly tailored to their wishes


The personal shopper service also implies a significant saving in terms of worries, because the shopper checks all documentation of the property and building, thereby avoiding any surprises or possible hidden problems, including checks with the property administrator, land register and drafting of contracts.


Finally, given the personal shopper’s experience when it comes to negotiating the final purchase price, a discount of between 5 and 15% of the original sale price can be obtained, helping clients comfortably to cover the costs of this service


It is a simple process. After an initial in-depth interview to identify a client’s needs and motivations, a commissioning contract is signed and a small provision of funds is made. From this moment on, the personal shopper begins searching for the desired home among all the properties on the market, including those on real estate portals, his or her own portfolios, real estate agencies and building superintendents.


The personal shopper takes care of the entire process, from start to finish, and can even accompany a buyer beyond the signing of the deed to include additional after sales services such as moving, interior design and any possible renovation work.


So far from being a passing fad, the figure of the personal shopper figure has arrived with a bang. And it is here to stay.